Cost of Living in Kochi: A Guide for Homebuyers


Kochi is the only place in Kerala where you can find endless things under a roof. It is a wonderful city that seamlessly blends culture with modernity. In this metropolis, homebuyers and sellers can explore the wide real estate landscape effectively. Builders in Kochi can have the chance to architect elegant flats as the buyers want. Let’s check the major facts that determine the cost of living in Kochi.

1. Price

Kochi is slightly expensive for people who are staying by paying rent every month. But one thing you must know is that you can easily find budget-friendly, luxurious apartments with all amenities and proximity to essential services in the heart of the city or near the coastline, which demands a high price.

2. Transportation

Transportation is the main advantage of living in Kochi. The transportation network is connected to one another, including buses, autorickshaws, boats, the Kochi metro, and now the latest water metro. You can depend on public transportation or shared rides, which will help to handle transportation expenses.

3. Education

It is the most considered one that is significant in buying a flat in Kochi. Kochi is the best option for education, where your children can choose from a variety of syllabuses and a mix of schools, including state, international, and CBSE-affiliated institutions, what they want according to your expenses.

4. Healthcare

Hospital accessibility is crucial. In Kochi, there are a lot of premium and advanced facility hospitals that provide a range of health care. Health insurance is one of the best options if you are living in Kochi, and that will influence your overall expenditure on healthcare.

5. Utilities

Choosing energy-efficient appliances and adjustable usage can help reduce utility bills, including electricity, water, internet, etc.

6. Food and Groceries

If you prefer local markets for food items, you may get them at reasonable prices. However, dining at premium restaurants can result in higher food expenses.

You must check out these things before you buy a flat in Kochi. By navigating these factors wisely, you can enjoy what Kochi has to offer.

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