Customized Duplex flat or independent Villas..Which is better?

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When it comes to selecting a residential property or apartment there are enormous options to prefer from. Once the essential financial planning is done and necessary savings aggregated, the further question is whether to buy an apartment or an independent house. Among the different types of homes out there, independent villas and duplex flats are the most sought-after choices among home buyers. Both these residences might seem comparable in many facets, but there are a lot of notable differences that make one better than another. At Dream Flower Builders, we have been reliably delivering highly innovative living spaces with outstanding quality in the form of apartments. Known for our top notch construction, Dream Flower builders are fast altering the cityscape.


Apartments are the better-known type of property across cities in India because of reasons like modern looks, modern-day facilities, in-house maintenance services, and greater security. Apartments are a good option for self-use, borrowing as well as investment purposes. An apartment is a single-story residential unit that resides only part of an extensive building. It generally comes in 1, 2, or 3 BHK configurations.

Independent Villas

Independent houses or villas are chosen by those who want the concealment of an independent unit but also want to evade the hassle of building a home. Some developers even bid premium units in gated communities with individual or shared services. Villas are normally contemporary in architecture, double-story, and tender all the latest in luxury lifestyles, independent homes generally propose conventional living room designs.

Apartment v/s Independent Villas

  • Takeover an apartment is much more inexpensive than buying an independent villa. Whilst apartments are attainable in diverse price and size ranges comprising 3 BHK flats and 2 BHK flats permitting customers to make their preference, independent houses may have the disadvantage of costs on land and then building up the construction. Whereas Independent villas cost double the amount of buying an apartment. Dream flower builds premium quality Flats & Apartments in Kochi with affordable rates.
  • An apartment in a user-friendly residential project has all the facilities of expediency such as a swimming pool, indoor games area, community center, lifts for older people, gym, and association hall, etc. None of these amenities are obtainable in an independent house unless created.
  • The primary boon of takeover a flat is the array of amenities and services that come along with it for hassle-free living and it’s worth your money.
  • When it comes to Duplex flats, the property is divided so which makes flats cheaper than villas. Customers commonly opt for subdivided flats, where the rentals are much cheaper than private housing.
  • Condominiums are great for persons who have a preference to live a flexible life without restrictions. Condominiums offered by Dream Flower gives the complete ownership for the preferred flat unit and there are no restrictions on your lifestyle. It is cheaper than independent villas and makes a great addition for first-time homeowners.
  • While apartments are gated communities where necessary safety apparatus along with the personnel is rendered by the builders, an independent house is not likely to have further security.
  • Living in a duplex complex encourages social harmony and societal living because there is no intolerance based on caste or creed. Members of society from all sorts of backgrounds are acknowledged, which not the case in independent house living.

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