Glass and Windows in residential flats and apartments


Ventilation and lighting are the two essential factors that add life and energy to ones living space. The windows are the source for the same.  It also acts as a medium for sound control. Right mix of products can make the window design 

  1. Cost Effective
  2. Eco Friendly
  3. Savings in recurring cost for lighting and cooling
  4. Make the home Beautiful

Components used in window Glazing  

The 3 main components in a window are frame, glass and fittings. 


Traditionally wooden frames were used for windows. Scarcity of wood, high cost, periodic maintenance made the developers to think about of better cost effective replacements.

 Iron windows were used in commercial buildings. Aluminum window came in as the next replacement. Plain aluminum was replaced by powder coated aluminum and at present high end aluminum products are being used in premium residential sector.

UPVC windows are another product used for frames. It’s an up gradation from aluminum. Its superior in aesthetics and sound proofing compared to earlier products.


Glass is another important without which the frame and purpose is incomplete. In the beginning figured glass or sheet glass was used. With the availability of Float Glass in India clear float glass or commonly known as clear glass was used widely. Then came in tinted glass mainly in Bronze, Grey and Green shade. These were used in window glazing.

With the introduction of Solar Control or Reflective glass the market got upgraded further. The three main advantages were 1. Privacy and 2. Solar Control and 3. Aesthetics. In tropical climate country like India huge amount of money is spend for artificially cooling the buildings. This type glass helps in reduction of cooling cost. Also it gives visibility from an area of low light intensity and vice versa. So during day one can see from inside of his or her home to outside and vice versa.

Residential Flats and Apartments

Dreamflower Housing Projects has been using Saint Gobain Brand Solar Control reflective glass in all its projects from 2004. Unlike the other glasses the solar control reflective glass cuts away the “Energy Spectrum or Infra-Red Spectrum of Sun light” there by reducing the heat coming inside the homes. 

Sun moves from east to west and is never stationary. So the general notion that building is heated from the top concrete is wrong. Also concrete is a very bad conductor of heat. So the truss work done is not cutting away the heat. 

Advantages to Dreamflower Flat Owners

Since all the flats are using Solar Control Reflectasol Glass customers have the following benefits.

  1. There is no need to use curtains during day time.
  2. Curtains do not get faded away.
  3. In the night curtains can be used for privacy.
  4. It reduces the usage of Air conditioner and saves power bill.

Though the glass is expensive compared to the other variants available in the market, Dreamflower believes in providing value addition and better utility through such specification. Dreamflower is the only builder in kerala who has used Reflective glass in all its 52 projects delivered on time in Kochi city and Dreamflower builder is known as Kochi’s most prompt builder and have delivered all the flats in kochi on time

Flats from Dreamflower use a combination of UPVC window with Reflectasol there by making the building Eco Friendly and a Building of future. 

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