Living the Apartment Life: Common Utility Problems in Kochi Flats

Dreamflower Blog 3 April

So you love the comfort and safety of your Kochi flat, but sometimes those shared spaces can bring shared headaches. We’ve all been there – water woes, power cuts, overflowing bins – you name it! Let’s talk about some problems flat-dwellers in Kochi face when it comes to utilities:

Water Worries:

  • Supply Issues: Inconsistent water supply is a frequent complaint, especially in older apartments or during peak summer months. This can range from low pressure to complete outages, making daily chores a struggle.
  • Unmetered Connections: Some buildings might have unmetered connections, leading to disputes over water bills and potential misuse by some residents.
  • Leakage Headaches: Leaky taps, pipes, or overhead tanks can inflate water bills and cause damage to both individual flats and common areas.

Power Problems:

  • Power Cuts: Let’s face it, power cuts are a reality in Kerala. But frequent or unscheduled outages can disrupt work-from-home routines, damage appliances due to voltage fluctuations, and disrupt daily life.
  • Generator Issues: Not all apartments have reliable backup generators. When the power goes out, the wait for the generator to kick in or arguments about fuel costs can add to the frustration.
  • Lift Problems: Modern apartments often have elevators, but breakdowns or overloading can be a major inconvenience, especially for residents on higher floors.

Waste Wise, Not Wasteful:

  • Garbage Disposal: Improper waste management is a common issue. Overflowing bins, clogged chutes, or lack of segregation can lead to unpleasant odours and pose health hazards.
  • Sewage Concerns: Blockages in drainage systems can cause sewage backups in flats or common areas. This is a serious problem that requires immediate attention to maintain hygiene.

The Maintenance Maze:

  • Unresponsive Management: Sometimes, residents face issues with unresponsive or inefficient building management committees. Delays in addressing maintenance requests or a lack of transparency in managing utility bills can be frustrating.
  • Unequal Contribution: Unequal sharing of utility costs or maintenance responsibilities between residents can lead to tension and disputes.
  • Hidden Costs: Unforeseen maintenance needs or repairs can lead to additional expenses that residents might not be prepared for.

Tips for a Smoother Flat Life:

  • Resident Participation: Actively participate in Residents’ Association (RA) meetings and hold the management committee accountable.
  • Transparency is Key: Ensure clarity on utility bills, maintenance charges, and contingency plans for emergencies.
  • Embrace Technology: Consider implementing online portals for communication, bill payments, and maintenance requests.
  • Plan for the Future: Set up a maintenance fund to address unforeseen repairs or upgrades to common areas.
  • Be a Responsible Resident: Report leaks promptly, dispose of waste responsibly, and conserve water and electricity.

Living in an apartment requires a sense of community and shared responsibility. By working together, residents can address these common utility problems and ensure a more comfortable and hassle-free living experience in their Kochi flats.


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