Real Estate & Covid-19

impact of covid in real estate

The Covid-19 Factor

The Covid-19 mayhem has forced people to do some out-of-the-box thinking in all sectors and regarding all kinds of jobs and the way to do them effectively as well as efficiently. The entire world has been paralyzed and as a result, the global economy has entered into a great recession. 

As long as Covid-19 is not taken out, there is very little to hope for the global economy and the whole world. One sector is beaming among all this crisis as it is certain to achieve a book immediately after Covid-19 mayhem; that would be the Indian real estate sector. 

It is of no surprise that India has been doing extremely well to control the pandemic despite the chaos spread around by the Covid-19 pandemic. The Indian real estate will benefit quite a bit in the aftermath of this pandemic, as per the experts as well as reliable sources. 

The factors helping in Indian Real Estate Boom

The World’s loss of trust for China: A factor!

China is one country that got hit severely by the Covid-19 pandemic as it resulted in the whole world losing their faith, trust, as well as respect for this mighty nation. Sources predict, and forecast a complete boycott of Chinese goods owing to intense hatred to the officials over there. Most Americans might start and soon Australians, and other nations might join the bandwagon. 

Skilled Manpower at its best

Indians are known around the world for their hardworking prowess. The skilled manpower at low cost is an attraction that India offers; also, the most humane nurses and healthcare workers. As per the latest market trends, nowadays gold or stock exchanges are not safe options for investment; the viable one that attracts investors is the real estate sector. 

Helping hand by the Indian Government through banks 

To help in the quest of enhancing the real estate sector, the Indian government is urging banks to infuse a large amount of money for an economic revival. At the rate at which, India is dealing with the pandemic, it is forecasted that this country would be one of the earliest countries to get rid of Covid-19. 

Reverse Migration!! Who would’ve have thought? 

A spike is seen in demand for commercial spaces; that is, both offices as well as retail businesses. There is an estimated reverse migration that will happen to India from other countries resulting in a surplus demand for premium residential apartment buildings. Better residential spaces will be sought out. This turns out to be lucrative offers & opportunities for real estate investors as well as the people buying or renting these properties or lands. Rentals will see an overhaul with temporary corrections; especially in Metro/Urban cities. 

India, the new Manufacturing & Export Hub 

The boom in the manufacturing industry, as well as the export hub, will ensure a spike in job-creation among various sectors; which promotes migration. This migration will, in turn, increase the demand & desire for real estate spaces; all in all, a really good time for investing in the real estate sector. 


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