The Main Hubs of Real-Estate in Kerala and why them?

main hubs in kerala
Real Estate Scenario in Kerala 

Real estate is booming in Kerala at the rate of knots and people, as well as investors, are taking note of it. Since, real estate being the best and safest investment around, on the planet, it is worthwhile to keep an eye on the same. In India, Kerala is one of the biggest real estate markets, with Cochin being the heart of it as Cochin is the commercial capital of Kerala. Various people, which include investors as well are quite confused about the real hubs of real-estate in Kerala. As mentioned before, Cochin is flying the flag here with a whopping 45% of people choosing this place followed by Trivandrum, Trichur, Calicut, and Kottayam. On a national scale, around 2% of investors are observing the cities such as Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, and Jaipur among others as hot real-estate destinations. 

Why Kerala? 

A highly preferred tourist destination with its natural beauty along with its serene & tranquil nature, Kerala is being observed by a lot of investors as a high-in-demand real estate market. The Indian state Kerala is blessed with a lot of port cities, which has made it an important trade hub for years. The arrival of the IT sector has helped Kerala in a big way as well, in this regard. Hence, Kerala is becoming a great investment spot for locals as well as NRIs (Non-Resident Indians) as well, when it comes to real estate. The state is modern as well as traditional, which bodes well with the investors as this place has all the facilities one look for while searching for good properties or land on which properties can be built. 

The five main real estate hubs of Kerala 


Being the economic capital of Kerala, Cochin saw one of the highest quote-on-quote price rises in the third quarter of the financial year in 2019, which was around 8.5%. India saw one of the highest annual price appreciation of about 28.8%. This trend has made us witness a rapid transformation in Cochin’s real estate fortunes. The development in real estate infrastructure is the influence of this trend in the sector. Cochin has a perfect blend of traditional as well as modern culture, amidst a beautiful landscape; a perfect place that provides good value for your real estate investments. 


The capital city of Kerala is one of the largest cities in the state. This place has gone through one of the fastest real estate infrastructure development phase over the past decade. Due to this fact, investors are showing a keen interest in the real estate sector of Trivandrum city as well. The rapidly growing IT park: Technopark is in Trivandrum; a major reason for this place to be in the top list for real estate investors.  


Looking for a simple, calm area for investing in real estate? Thrissur is ideal for you. The spiritual capital is close to Cochin as well, which makes it an attractive place to have several real estate spots. For instance, the properties in Thrissur is cheaper than that in Cochin; this attracts NRI investors along with the locals. 


Calicut is a very simple city that is ideal for people who love to stay away from the hectic lifestyle seen in Cochin and Trivandrum; and to some extent, Thrissur. Investing in the real estate sector in this city will be worth every penny as it is an evolving place, which is ideal for quality housing. 


The literature capital of Kerala accommodates many media as well as printing institutions. Kottayam is also known for its nationally reputed educational institutions. With good climatic conditions as well, this place is becoming ideal for real estate investors. 

Wrapping Up 

The above mentioned are the main hubs of real-estate in Kerala. Smaller places include Palghat or Palakkad, Pathanamthitta, Kannur, and Malappuram. With these many places, real estate in Kerala is booming and has now become the best and safest option to invest in; compared to other assets such as mutual funds, stocks, and gold. 

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