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Kochi which is also known as Cochin, is a major port city that lies on the southwest coast of India. Kochi has got an impressive tagline “Queen of the Arabian Sea”, as Kochi had a significant role in spice trading and had maintained a trade network with the Arab merchant from the 14th century onwards. Apart from the bygone and economical factors, Kochi has got this catchy phrase because of the beauty it depicts.

In the past few years, Kochi has been the center of attraction for purchasing properties and major real estate development. With a highly sophisticated transit system (Metro), great infrastructure technology for the operation of a society or an undertaking, are the factors that are likely to enhance the quality of living for people in Kochi. This has unlocked greater opportunities for those who are looking forward to buying apartments or properties in Kochi. Kochi has got several areas that are ideal for both nuclear and joint families to occupy a property. The leading areas in Kochi may include Edappally, Kaloor, Padivattom, Petta, and Elamakkara. These areas are classified among the more rapidly expanding areas in Kochi and are one of the best options for buying a property. They offer wide access to present-day amenities and various services that leads to a luxurious life. Having apartments or properties in these areas will ensure that you dwell within the city limits and keeping a healthy distance from the congested city. Due to such expansions, it has become an unbelievably attractive idea for people to come and reside in Kochi.

By purchasing any apartments of flats in Kochi, can give you instant access to Kochi Metro Station. This makes various places inside the city more easily reachable for a resident who occupies any property in Kochi. Because of the development in Kochi Metro, it has tended to become one of the most viable sites to invest in properties in the country. Hence, buyers who purchase properties or apartments in kochi have valid reasons behind why they prefer to have their place of residence in Kochi. The Kochi Metro stations are bringing their upcoming transit services, which has already extended to Petta and will be sooner stretching out to Padivattom. Hereby, the property owners can now make their journey at a fast pace through the crowded areas in the city avoiding the dreadful traffic jams.

All the above factors make these areas in Kochi as the prime purchasing option for buyers. Buying an apartment or flat in Kochi would be the best investment opportunity which can fetch a rental income of more than 15,000 per month or even a best option to reside in city limits with all the amenities in a close proximity.

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