What is the right age to buy your Dream Home?

What is the right age to buy your Dream Home

A home of our own often comes off as most valuable and exorbitant purchase and the big-budget investment we make in our life. Naturally, such a snap up requires years of planning, plot and most of all saving. So, without doubt there will be an ideal age to invest and buy on one’s faultless and perfect home. And it depends on several factors like the city, where we are planning to have our dream home, the purpose of buying a home and above all income levels. Depending on the age range, there arise certain pros and cons of buying a home.

Acquiring an apartment or flat as your own is even better than one’s wildest dreams and everyone strive hard to make such a vision to reality. This very dream realized moment became the perfect scenario only when your haven is secured from the right constructors. There are times when buying the apartment from the perfect builder can be disastrous, if invested at the wrong time. At times devoting all your money towards buying your dream home in the hope of moulding a better future can turn out to be the worst decision you have ever taken, if your plans concerning the perfect age of laying out the money on to your asset did not go well. Picking out the well-known developer from the building arena alone could not save you from drowning deep in to the night mare of huge taxes. On an average, an Indian starts getting paid around the age of 21 and at that age one can afford a smaller home that too in a suburb, though it provides a kick start, still it may not be so satisfying. From the very early age of 24 itself, people start falling under the income tax bracket of 10% and by the age of 30, if both the husband and wife are working, they can eventually start investing for their big dream of owning a home. Howbeit, this is the general trending occurring around, for a lion’s share of population and there are circumstances when things may not happen as per the trend or as if expected. From the beginning of the new decade, that is from 2010 the economy is on the flourishing rage and for sure the trend is anticipated to lasts up to 2021. A flawless forethought and planning regarding investments can certainly make wonders in your life. And if the planning happens right before your baby crosses 10th or 12th is even more advantageous as the income tax benefits can be reaped well by both the husband and wife.

Financial discipline is indispensable and clever planning with it is appreciable every time and it will surely leads one to a better investment on home. Everyone dreams of having a roof over the head, which is very much possible with a better course of action. An owned home always provides a sense of security that one seeks out when living with family and an organized investment at the right age makes it attainable.

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