What To Check Before Buying an Apartment

apartment buying checklist

Buying a flat is a dream come true moment when you purchase it from the right builders. But it could turn out to be a nightmare if invested through a wrong medium. Choosing a reputed builder to purchase any flats in Kochi is one of the main factors to make your investment right. It is an important factor that the builder is having a transparent business, trustworthy relationship with their clients and professionalism. Flats in Kochi is booming in a fast-paced manner.

Choosing the right builder to purchase an apartment in Kochi will give you a lifetime peace and there are other factors to check before you sign the contract to buy an apartment in Kochi.

Track on the builder’s projects and their past customer

Nothing like a testimonial from the existing customer. If you do not know the builder personally do not hesitate to ask for a few references of houseowners who has purchased their apartment. A past customer can give you a better idea about the builder and can share his experience with you. So before buying any apartments in Kochi try to understand the experience by asking for reference.

Usual Completion Date

There could be many factors which could delay the project completion which will result in delayed handing over. The delay could arise in any shape like weather conditions, material not reaching on time, dealing with subcontracts and much more, but still a professional builder would have been completing most of their projects and handing over the flat/ apartments on time. Checking the usual completion time of their past projects will give you a brief idea on the way of professionalism a reputed builder maintains.

Will there be any additional charges after signing the contract?

Any reputed builder in Kochi or in your area will have a fixed price contract which provides you a guarantee that the price won’t change. But its is usually subjected to any adjustments to provisional sum or prime cost or any changes you wish to make to your apartment during the construction phase. A reputed and professional builder in Kochi will be able to brief you on the price which might arise if there are any modifications to your flat or apartments.

Can I customize my flat?

Brief the builder about your customization plan and get their inputs. Many builders, build flats in Cochin with a set number of floor plans and customization options where only some modifications are possible. Enquire if the builder can cater your needs, though it would be subjected to the possibilities and options.

Can I supply some items for constructing my home?

No matter if you have unused construction items to be used to construct your home, a professional builder will keep a check and ensure that they use high quality materials for construction. But with some builders in Kochi you can source your own supplies like electrical appliances, wall decors or floorings for the builder to install. Before you shop it from a random shop, ask your builder if he can suggest you the best to buy the best.

Bonus – Location Matters

Location plays a major role when you choose your apartment in Cochin. Having easy access for all your daily needs, local shops, malls, metro stations, schools, hospitals, recreational clubs, house of worships is actually a bonus. Choose a professional builder who builds high-quality budget apartments in Cochin as location matters

Purchasing your dream house in Kochi is like investing a lifetime into it, which needs to be entrusted to the right hands and to the right people. The house buying journey can change your life to any possible way so choosing a right builder in Kochi is the first step before you invest.

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