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Women empowerment is a term that has gained importance over the years! Many steps are taken towards achieving this goal by different nations of the world.

Why is women empowerment so important?

Empowerment of women has become a necessity for the ultimate development of the society as a whole! It is a factor which is very much essential for the achievement of sustainable development as it enhances both the quality and the quantity of human resources available for development. Empowerment of women leads to improvement of their political, social, economic and health status and is one of the main concerns when addressing human rights and development.

In fact, for leading a productive and reproductive life, full participation and partnership of both women and men is required which includes shared responsibilities for the care and nurturing of children and maintenance of the household. In many parts of the world, women face threats to their lives, health and well- being. They receive less formal education than men, and their know-how, abilities and responsiveness often go unrecognized.

Making a sea change in this situation needs policy and programme actions that will upgrade the access for women to secure livelihoods and economic resources. Lightening their extreme housework burden, increasing their public life participation and raising social awareness through effective programmes of education and mass communication also needs to be done. Apart from that, elevating the status of women also strengthens their decision-making capacity at all levels in all spheres of life.

Education is an important means of empowering women with the knowledge, skills and self-confidence necessary in day-to-day life. Access to printed knowledge, skills or technologies can improve the quality of their lives. More reforms are being put forward to educate women and
thereby empower them to help them shape and adapt to social and economic change.

The construction industry is primarily a male dominated industry and is having a difficult time finding skilled labour. At present women only make up a minor part of the construction industry. This means that we absolutely need women to join the industry and be a part of the workforce to combat the labour shortage. Women bring fresh perspectives to the work through their unique backgrounds and this helps companies promote more innovation and creativity.

If women empowerment is to be implemented, the entire construction industry must step up, making conscious efforts to have the female presence in positions of leadership and also in the field. Partnering with coworkers and industry leaders, women are more likely to find themselves as decision makers and will finally have the opportunity to shape the industry.

Dreamflower Housing Projects, leading builders in Kochi have already started taking steps towards empowerment of women! More than 50% of the workforce of Dreamflower are women holding various positions and responsibilities befitting their education and capabilities. By encouraging women to enter the construction industry, Dreamflower supports Women Power!

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