10 Things to remember before building your new Home

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Building your new home is an exhilarating and at times overwhelming experience. You expect to be an active participant in all facets of the home building process to ensure you end up with “YOUR” dream home. Building your new home cannot be a passive exercise, because there are so many opinions that “must be” made by you. Below are certain crucial things to remember before building your new home.

  • Family, lifestyle, and purpose of construction
    Healthy home life is an essential ingredient in the pursuit of a meaningful life. Your home and family are your nests, the center of your life, the hub from which all your day-to-day experiences extend. You should define the purpose of construction in a perfect way for your lifestyle.
  • Convenience and distance to amenities
    Healthcare, Education, Transport, Food/shopping, Work
    While moving to a new area, building your home is always going to be daunting, particularly when you are unfamiliar with the local surroundings and amenities on offer. Healthcare institutions are very much required in a neighborhood just to serve in an emergency. Let’s not skip the educational aspect. A good school in your area is wonderful for families who require the use of the institute. There is a great deal to be said about living on a public transport route as it is a requirement rather than a convenience. Living near a supermarket can contribute a multitude of benefits, the obvious one being the convenience of your shopping trip, you’ll be there and back in a flash. Residing close to your workplace gives you the flexibility you need to equalize your home and your work life more effectively.
  • Resale value and documentation (permit)
    Surroundings and future developments of the region
    As a home builder, selling is not on top of your mind when beginning the building process. But, you can’t afford to ignore the real estate industry because life is unpredictable. You may need to relocate for any reason and so you should have every advantage when you choose to sell. Before you start constructing a home, consult a real estate agent and understand the home market in your area. Talk about the resale value of the type of home you want to create, how much land you should spare for the yard, about the possibility of the future developments of the region, and about the surroundings. Ensure that the complete set of documents are perfect before construction.
  • Rental yield in case of relocation
    Rental Yield is significant for home builders to understand how promising the property can be if you want to earn a healthy income from your investment. Rental yield is often compared with the interest rate proposed by other investment channels such as stocks, mutual funds, fixed deposits, and gold.
  • Scalability – Provision for future upgrades
    People’s interests and tastes differ as resources flow in and out of availability. If you prefer to stay competitive in these circumstances, you have to be able to change what you are doing to fill the desires and must live in the moment.
  • Materials and workmanship used for construction
    The materials and workmanship used for the construction of your project upon its usefulness in resolving an issue and its cost-effectiveness. Together with the design, this will determine the quality of the completed project and whether or not it has met the required standard of workmanship or used materials.
  • Time to handover of the project
    Nevertheless, the handover of the project should be planned well in advance, and during the handover, the buyer should be issued with keys, fobs, health safety files, and all other important documentation.
  • Budget/cost-effective and finances
    While quality and time are vital to it, the project budget stays the key factor to you. Setting up cost estimation benefits in planning, coordinating, and executing activities. It also helps a construction manager stay on top of each task while also being conscious of the project’s limitations and progress. Construction finance is every step of the construction journey from ‘putting the spade in the ground’ to finishing the ultimate deal to end customers.
  • Architect design/Vastu compliance of building layout
    Vastu, the Indian science of Architecture is crucial and considered to be the preference of end-users. This main parameter has been employed in Indian for ages while preparing a construction site, designing, and deciding on the spatial arrangement of a home and is pursued to retain the exact amount of energy in the home and to usher in peace, prosperity, and good luck.
  • Sustainability – Latest technologies and methods used
    In a journey of discovering and creating a new home with the latest technologies using drones, AR/VR BIM, and 3D Printing the way of construction should also help to build a world that will improve the lives of future generations using eco-friendly methods.

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