Why buy or compromise on a 2bhk flat in Kochi when you can afford a 3bhk flat

why compromise on 2bhk while you can afford a 3bhk (1)

Living in an apartment calls for happiness as well as comfort. The apartment or house you buy should be a place to co-exist with others and prosper in life. But as an individual or a family, it can be a hectic and confusing process to find the right place. Now that the real estate business is widening at a rapid speed in Kochi, it should be with deeper knowledge one would choose between a 3bhk apartment in Kochi or a 2bhk apartment in Kochi. Many reliable builders offer convenient and affordable housing options in Kochi. 2bhk apartments are often a place reserved
with a hall, 2 bedrooms, and a kitchen.

Owning a 2bhk flat is not like owning a 3bhk apartment in Kochi. 3bhk apartments are more spacious and can usually accommodate a family of more than 4 or guests. In effect, Kochi has seen rapid development or growth in the last 10 years with several real estate developers and builders coming up with a wide variety of apartment flats in luxury as well as affordable forms. With the influx of luxury amenities and facilities, the price difference between 3BHK and 2BHK apartments in Kochi is no longer than wide. This makes it difficult for the home buyers to make the right choice. Besides, a 2 BHK or 3 BHK are available at the same price point in Kochi, albeit with a different set of amenities or facilities. So, the buyer can decide whether to choose the spacious 3 BHK or the cozy compactness of 2 BHK.

Compared to 2bhk, 3bhk can perfectly serve your future family needs as it is more spacious. 3BHK offers more space that makes it a future-proof housing option. Whether you want to meet the needs of your growing children, frequently entertain your relatives or guests, or extend your family, the extra spacious room in a 3BHK serves all such purposes. Apart from that, 3bhk apartments are a future-ready option for remote working, especially during the pandemic. The pandemic has made it mandatory to adopt remote working in many companies. Now, work-from- home has become a new normal. There is no doubt remote working will be playing a crucial role in the coming days. Therefore, buying 3BHK in Kochi can help you set up your own home office and keep you future-ready.

The 3BHK always triumphs over a 2BHK with its easy loan options. Moreover, the resale value of 3BHK apartments is a lot higher when compared to that of 2BHK homes. Resale value is one of the most important factors that you must consider even if it is one that you may require in the distant future. The resale value becomes significantly important as it is likely that as time goes by, the buyers may choose to move to a bigger apartment. We cannot exactly tell whether 2bhk or 3bhk is the best for you without knowing your budget, requirements, or function. But buyers can analyze the benefits of 2BHK and 3BHK apartments in Kochi and then make the right decision.

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