How staying at home has helped conserve the environment


Struck by the unexpected pandemic, the world has shrunk itself into another subshell and at places where we could see crowds of people gathering, moving from one place to another coping up with their busy schedule, now what left is just emptiness. Classrooms are empty, parks are empty, offices are empty, and so on. Every corner of the world has now imposed itself into a stay home measure which has helped curb the spread of this virus. While these billions of humans being vanished from the streets for this much time, let’s examine the impacts it has brought to the environment.

With the transmission of the pandemic virus worldwide, the world has come to a lockdown with limited human activity outside. This inconvenience has directly impacted all of the commercial activities happening which was influencing multiple environmental parameters which were directly causing harm to human well-being. As every one of the sorts of social, financial and every other sector was out of nowhere shut off, nature takes the benefits and showed improvement like air, cleaner streams, less pollution, undisturbed and quiet untamed life

What lies in front of us in the future is quite uncertain and also a bit scary while examining the current scenario. But on the other hand, reports have been surfacing from various parts of the Globe about the positive influence of this “Home Stay” by humans which has eventually resulted in the increased quality of air and water worldwide. Even though as a part of expanding our race and survival of the same we have been altering the global fauna landscape according to our will without considering its unforeseen impacts, the current situati9n has lowered the condition to a bit and the wild is getting better than before. A change like this could have a long-lasting impact on our survival which can lead to the sustenance of a healthier planet than now for sure.
There are images published by NASA which has indicated the decrease in air pollution. After studies scientist’s has linked this change to the decrease in the consumption of fossil fuels. The fact is that such changes have been found occurring globally and have subsequently enhanced the quality of air worldwide. In our country also we have noticed such changes due to a decrease in pollution. Locals have been reporting the sight of the Himalayas even from 200 km away where they were not able to see the same sight for decades.
Along with the change in environmental conditions, there have also been notable changes in the aquatic environment. The water clarity at places has increased remarkably which has been due to the decrease in physical movement in the water which was earlier caused by tourism and boat traffics throughout. There has also been a decrease in the emission of global harmful gases disrupting the atmosphere as many of the activities causing such impact have come to a stall under this pandemic.

As the present studies and surveys clearly emphasize the improvement in environmental conditions under the lockdown times, chances are also very high that when the restrictions are lifted, conditions are going to be the same in a short time. Knowing this and valuing the results, we must be preparing ourselves to perform our activities under a restricted level so that we can keep the environmental impact to the minimum s that we can help nature bunce back into its original state which in long term can positively impact the chances of our survival in this planet much easier in the future.

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