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Today people are committed to a growth-driven world economy that supplies limitless consumption to everyone. With new and innovative tech, we can add a digital world that allows everyone to prosper and succeed while working together. Moreover, digital devices and technology are making our life better. Although technology is incredibly cool, most devices are still in the early stages of development. In the last couple of years, the concept of traditional education has changed radically. Students now have access to a quality education whenever and wherever they want. As long as you have access to the internet and a computer, you can take online classes from the comfort of your home. With the revolution of online education, we are now entering a new era.

Nowadays, the developments in artificial intelligence are transforming our world. AI is a wide-ranging tool that helps people to rethink how we analyze data and integrate information. Further, it is already transforming every walk of life by providing insights to improve decision-making. By enabling people to solve problems rapidly than traditional computing could ever allow, AI has been making waves in the past few years. For instance, a recently developed AI virtual assistant can effectively detect any dangers in lengthy space missions like changes in the spacecraft atmosphere.

With recent developments in technology, most people have an improved living standard. Today’s world is full of screens. We keep them in our pockets, purses, hands, and, next to our beds while we sleep. We surround ourselves with screens and laptops on our desks and countertops. However, our limitless consumption is threatening to crowd out everything else on Earth as we pursue unlimited growth. We are requiring more freshwater than we have, overspending our financial resources, warming the climate, and increasing income inequality. What passes for a normal life is now happening almost entirely online. The coronavirus pandemic is has affected our daily lives unlike any other global emergency in recent history. Millions of people around the world are confined to their homes. People have no definite idea of when they can resume life as they knew it. With people mostly confined to their homes, the pandemic situation is affecting the mental health of the people. The modern world in which all people can communicate and rapidly travel has now been forced to the restrictions and current social isolation which are linked to feelings of uncertainty and frustration.

This unprecedented situation related to the pandemic is demonstrating that human beings are emotionally unprepared for the detrimental effects of biological disasters. The psychological reactions to the pandemic may vary from pervasive feelings of hopelessness and desperation. To manage our mental health most of us need a sympathetic ear, reassurance, advice, or during this difficult time. Therefore, we must make it a priority to stay in touch with friends and family. One thing the current pandemic situation has shown us is how important innovative technology is for facilitating and maintaining effective communication – not simply for work requirements, but for building real emotional connections. Moreover, in the next few years, we might see this progress accelerate. AI technology can drive people closer to each other and connect them at a human level, even when physically they are apart.

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