Setting up a home garden in your flat or apartment

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Kochi is a city surrounded by sea and lake. Still it finds it difficult to meet the water requirements. Same is case of vegetable and food supply. Despite of its possibilities Kerala is very much dependent on the vegetable supply from nearby states. Setting up a home garden and a small kitchen farm is always a good idea to have a beginning towards a better tomorrow.
But in case of those living in flats or apartments its been a challenging task to set up a home garden. And the best option will be to think about a container garden. So what are the basics of this type of gardening?
As you know not all plants can grow in containers since the inhibition inside a container will limit the plants growth. And the plant is denied the possibility of sending the roots and haires to large distant to gather those elements needed to gain its full maturity.
What to plant in the home garden of your flats or apartments in Kochi?
That surely is a major concern of deciding what to grow in your garden because your ultimate demand is the productivity of the plants. If you are looking for continues supply of ingredients to your kitchen  then nature plants which can be continuously harvested, not those which will wipe out in one go.
Many herbs are not commercially available for people living in flats in Kochi or any other cities. Even though they are little expensive they have the magic of changing the flavor of recipe’s.  Those items like lettuce which will need less space and produce and reproduce fast will be a best option. Always mix up the type of plants of different life cycle and ensure that you have something to harvest everytime from your flat garden.
Starting up your own garden in your flats and apartments
The primary needs to start up the home garden in your flats or apartments are soil,pots,and a low-level organic fertilizer. A bag of compost will be a healthy addition. Make sure you have easily available materials to water the plants because the container inhabitation will need continues watering.
Plastic bottles are always economic and easy to use as containers. They can hold moisture and are easy to handle for being light weight. Clay bottles ensure air supply but the soil losing moisture should be monitored. They are also less expensive.
Always use potting soil in the containers — soil mixes maintain a certain level of lightness and  plants are allowed to breathe, drain well, and manages to hold some moisture in the conceiled atmosphere of your apartments.
Hope these tips help you to manage set up a small home garden which will definitely bring some excitements to your living in flats or apartments in the crowded cities. Although these tips are intended to address those living in flats in Kochi, any one planning to set up a home garden can make use of these simple tips.

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