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Feb 18

February 18, 2014

Apartments in Kochi

Selecting the color scheme for apartment interiors

Color plays an important role in interior design of a room of your flat or apartment. Interior color sets the mood of the room. Choose a color after deciding what you want the room you want to feel alike. Maintaining a continuity in design of your apartment is really important and it is applicable to colors also. But its always better to use one or two colors throughout the room and mix the other colors in between them. This will…

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Feb 13

February 13, 2014

villas in cochin

Setting up a home garden in your flat or apartment

Kochi is a city surrounded by sea and lake. Still it finds it difficult to meet the water requirements. Same is case of vegetable and food supply. Despite of its possibilities Kerala is very much dependent on the vegetable supply from nearby states. Setting up a home garden and a small kitchen farm is always a good idea to have a beginning towards a better tomorrow. But in case of those living in flats or apartments its been a challenging task…

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