Why everyone on Earth is important?

Why everyone on earth is important (1)

Earth is the only planet in the universe that host life. Therefore it is called as the home planet. This fifth largest planet in the solar system supports everyone that resides in it with its air, water and land. Being the only habitable planet, the Earth possesses anything and everything that sustain life. Earth even holds a different name unlike all the other planets, which are named after Greek deities. The home planet’s name is derived from a Germanic word which means “the ground”. There can be no other name that suits this well for the mother planet, as the name “earth” does. This special planet is home for not only human beings but also for a number of plants, animals and like. With every ingredients that succor the sustentation of life, the Earth remains as the only planet in the universe that is fit for habitation. Everything and everyone in the Earth have its function and purpose to perform that is no one here is devoid of value. Everything in the Earth demands proper conservation and justifiable development, without which a proper balance cannot be achieved. As all the components in the Earth are equally important and taking out of anything can cause serious threats.

Earth being the wonderful creation of God is incredible enough and can never be drawn completely in a single stretch. Together with its humans, plants, animals, and micro- organisms, the Earth also owns different ecosystems like ravishing rainforests, drought deserts, splendid coral reefs, picturesque grasslands and many more. All these eco- diversities have already given rise to different cultures and civilizations. Not only the human beings but also every other thing or organism in the Earth is significant, no matter how minute it is. Everyone in the Earth has their own greater role to play and they must not elude from their functions, as all of them are really imperative for the continuance and sustenance of the Mother Earth. Any attempt to let down their duties will for sure affect aliveness of the Earth. It is always better not to pull down anything in this planet, as the conservation of the diversity is so important to survive every adversity.

Even one fist full of soil has its significance and it demands protection. All living organisms particularly human beings must not take the services available in the Earth for granted even though most of them are for free. Everyone in this unique planet should develop a sense of sustainability that can be natural sustainability or economic sustainability. Any loss of both diversity and organisms must be evaded, as it assures the unbeaten and thriving endurance of the Earth. Everyone and everything in the Earth are dependent on each other and such a mutual reliance must be kept intact for the poised survival, of the Earth and also in the Earth. The Earth, just like its name provides a ground that holds life and everyone here should consider its preservation as their topmost priority.

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