An independent house or a flat

An independent house or a flat (1)

Owning a property is regarded by many as one of the crucial buying decisions of their lives. Buying a house can be a hard decision and selecting between the right types of property can make the procedure even more complicated for the homebuyers. Once the needed capital and other requirements are obtained, a common dilemma is whether to choose to live in a flat or an independent house. Usually, space crunch and high prices in metros compel most homebuyers to choose flats as their best choice. The growth in nuclear families, upgrade in compact and chic
lifestyle, rise in land cost, and inter-state migration of the society for employment directed to the
practical flourishing of flat culture in the huge cities.

When you build an individual house, you have the absolute freedom to prefer the design and
appearance unless you possess a plot in a community with strict protocols on the exterior
appearance of the houses. An independent house that you are building proves more costly, with
expenditures for material and labor. Further, there are expenses like the price of the plot, and
other government consents and clearances, which require to be paid to set up electricity, water,
and other amenities. Flats are a lot less costly, with such expenses being taken care of by the
builder. Buying a home on a loan is a possibility that allows you to cut high expenditure down,
and lenders are more likely to sanction loans quickly and more preferably for the sale of a flat.
This is because there are strict inspections that must take place to assess the income and credit
eligibility of home buyers.

A flat is a well-planned residential project that has all the amenities of convenience such as
round-the-clock security, backup power generator, waste management system, swimming pool,
indoor games area, community center, lifts for older people, and a host of maintenance and
cleaning staff, including gardeners. This saves a lot of time and struggle, particularly in a busy
life. Maintenance rates and efforts will also be cut down in the case of flats since the expenses
are taken care of by society. None of these facilities are accessible in an independent house
unless formulated.

Let’s not ignore the truth that living in a community adds to the security factor as having more
neighbors around can only prove to be helpful in the incident of an emergency. Residing in a flat complex promotes social peace and societal living because there is no discrimination based on
caste or creed. Members of the community from all sorts of backgrounds are accepted, which is
not the case in independent house living.

It is critical to understand the future value of a specific location. It is easier to find an apartment,
which is up for sale, in the area of your preference. As for individual houses, a prominent
location will have its price on a higher scale and there cannot be an assurance of locating one in
the required region. Re-Selling flats are also easier compared to independent houses in the early
years after construction. Independent houses on the other hand need regular maintenance by the
owner which if failed, can direct to lower resale value. So in the end, while the selection does
rest more in favor of a flat, it is your preference after all. Weigh all your possibilities and pick
the reasonable one that would suit you and your family.

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