Home and House

home vs house

Creating a space prosperous ideally filling the expanse up with values, thoughts, memories, and things make a house a home. Happiness binds a home and is a refuge from the world. It is always asserted that home is where the heart is. This can indicate many things to specific people. It can imply a place where they make memories or it can mean a spot where they feel free and can be themselves. A house is solely just protection whereas a home is happiness.

The disparity between home and house is factually minute, but philosophically, it is vast. The transformation of a house to a home is to convert the physical space into one where a person feels safe, prosperous, and loved with their family. It conveys meaning to just the flat or apartment and makes it belong to you. Houses can be of unique shapes and sizes, but a home is an emotion you get when you are living in it.

But it is absurd to believe that the gigantic their house is, the wealthier they are and the happier the home is. A home is where true happiness lies, a sacred sanctuary where the role of pleasure resides. Comfort and success don’t mean that you have a big house, the happiness lies in the family that exists in the house. Only a heart can build a home. So, a huge, seemingly happy house doesn’t ensure a happy home. To have a house, you have a home, and that a house is only a materialistic commodity while a home is a joyous family. It is where an individual’s dearest possessions are kept; where no one can stroke them without his permission. It is a locale where he can do whatever gratifies him away from the prying eyes of other people. A house is interpreted as a structure that assists as a dwelling for a person or a family. It is manipulated synonymously with the word “home,” but it usually only cites the building or structure and not the overall ailment of the place and its inhabitants. It may contain an individual’s things or property and furnish him with a place to live and rest, but it does not extend the same comfort that one feels when he is home. It can occasionally denote something temporary such as a sorority or fraternity house. On the other hand, if you are comfortable and happy with your family, although you don’t have a house, it’s excellent to be called a happy home.

Asserting that a house and a home are similar is just like saying that the North Pole is identical to the South Pole. Ridiculous and wrong. So, it’s incredible if your house is not big, or regal, or fancy as long as you are happy, you’re home.

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